Anti Aging ~ Anti Microbial ~ Natural Antibiotic Alternative  

                                 Reduce - Brain Fog - Depression - Fatigue                                       

       You can't imagine how taking 2 Manna one after the other, can improve the quality of your life.  

Recently I experienced a health crisis. My body got rid of an unbelievable amount of old cellular tissue and blood clots within 5 days. After the event my system was in better shape than 15 years prior, when the initial issue started. What a relief ! -- Doctors and nurses could hardly believe what was coming out of my body. A month prior to the health crisis the only symptom I had, was fatigue. At 77 years of age I use vitamins, nutritional supplements, structured water, Manna (4 per year), meditation and prayer . -- Thomas                  

Our introductory offer will run until the end of December. 1 Manna for $35.00 with free shipping!  -- Many people who use 3 to 7 Manna find that is all they need, to be in better health for a whole year. -- Use before traveling to avoid the flue & travel sickness.


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Personal testimonies from those who have used Manna, confirm that Manna supports the immune system.  We have noted that many people having an operation heal much faster, with fewer complications of infection, resulting inshortening their stay in the hospital by 1/2. 

Elderly Manna users in their eighties and nineties have reported using 3 Manna in the fall of the year and reported being well all winter long. 

Diabetics have reported reduced symptoms by using Manna, enabling them to get back to work and live a more normal life.    

Manna + Vitamin C, was successfully used to overcome the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone in 2014. 

When the stress of viral loads leaves the body one becomes happier, thinks clearer and energy levels go up. You will be able to carry on intelligent conversations with friends and family. If you have been experiencing brain fog, look no further. The solution to your problem is a cup or two of Manna Tea away.

Manna Gold Sachet is a combination of two nutrients, that upon entering the body are increased from 10 million anti-microbial proteins to 500 million anti-microbial proteins in two days, due to a  catalyst reaction in the body. 

Parents of autistic children have reported their child become less agitated. 

Cancer patients who take chemo find their immune systems are supported resulting in a better quality of life during recovery.  

Over the years I have had a number of Manna users report they got the results they wanted after using a few Manna and then came back for more 2,3, 10 years later. 

Due to intermittent use, not using Manna every month, this does not lend itself to multi level marketing. -- That is why your word of mouth advertising is our best advertising. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. -- Please share our Ebook resources/manna-gold-sachet-blog_ebook1.pdf 

Enjoy the rest of your life!  

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          THE NEW APPLICATION          

On the 1st of December 2007 the company started a new product developed from The Antidote. 

A notice was posted on the 1st. of November 2007 enlightening customers of this changeover from 5ml. bottles to an encapsulated dried lint version 4 times stronger which has been developed over the last 7 years.

The encapsulated sealed lint is only a vehicle that carries the properties of the dried anti microbial peptides within it.

The simple method of activating and releasing the dried anti microbial peptides, is by way of immersing into boiling water, up to one third of a cupful, then allowing the water to cool, for 15 minutes, so that it may be taken orally and thereby, induce the anti microbial peptides into the body, to kill off viruses and bacteria resident within your body.

This then allows clean healthy cells, to be regenerated by the body, replacing the old corrupt cells, killed off by the anti microbial peptides, as well as the properties, stimulating your body enzymes and enhancing their longer production of proteins, increasing ones life cycle.