Manna is one substantial part of building a foundation of health for the body by strengthening cellular connectivity and by improving cellular communication. When combined with other key nutrients the results of health restoration can be amazing.

Manna kills all types of Virus, Virus are very skilled at hiding until they feel they can take over the host. Therefore it is very advantageous to rid the body of as many types of virus as possible without compromising the good bacteria in the immune system.

Since Manna kills all types of Virus the Zika virus is no different. The Ebola Virus required mega doses of vitamin C with the Manna to overcome the virus, because of its prolific ability to consume vitamin C at an accelerated rate and drive the body into a state of severe scurvy and death within 7 days. (Not a lot of time to decide what to do.) Better to have Manna already there as as the gatekeeper of the body, resisting and keeping out all types of virus.

The WHO, World Health Organization basally has stated that antibiotics are useless and if used wrongly without a pro-biotic, destroy gut flora and lead to IBS, crones and other autoimmune diseases. They have stated they have no remedy for the super bugs.

We do! ~ Manna Sachet.

Once taken the peptide combination integrates with the body and provides months of protection for a healthy person and
helps those who are ill to recover and stay strong.

Manna does not kill many parasites but when used with MMS can effectively do so and they provide the immune system backup that MMS does not have. MMS only works for a few hours in the body, but it does remove harmful bacteria and
parasites and reduces inflammation very quickly, even when placed on the outside of the body or used as a foot bath, which is what I recommend. (10 to 25 drops) MMS baths are also very helpful. As are sea salt baths.

Due to the increased radiation element, Adya clarity used when one feel week or nauseous.
It is not good enough just to rid the body of a virus or harmful bacteria or parasite but fortify the body with Manna to prevent many a sickness.

Blessings of Peace!