Manna Tea Instructions!

                             *One Can Use Each Manna Sachet 2 times! *

1. The product must be taken on an empty stomach after fasting for 6 hours, to ensure full integration into the body. Since you have not eaten all night, first thing in the morning is perfect! 

2. Pour 3 to 4 ounces of hot water into a tea cup. Open the transparent pouch and remove the white peptide sachet. Put the lint into a teacup of hot water. This activates the dried peptides in the sachet.
3. Allow the peptide sachet to steep at least 15 - 20 minutes.

OR ~ Put the lint in a 1/2 cup of hot water in the evening prior to use. Cover! Drink in the morning.

4. Once cool, remove the sachet and put it into another cup ready for another use the next morning. Now you can drink the Tea as the peptides are active and in the water.

By adding more hot water to the lint and letting it sit another 24 hrs, one gets all the peptides out. This is very useful to give to very young children or pets. 

Right after the first use of the LINT as a tea, one can apply this moist lint to any open wound or skin irritation by holding in place with adhesive band aid/tape, to speed healing.

5. Please wait 20 minutes after ingesting the Tea, before eating. 
6. There are no harmful side effects with this product. The tea may be taken even if medications are being taken. 

7. It can take several days for the peptides to become fully integrated into the body infrastructure destroying harmful virus and harmful bacteria within the body. 

Infants and children can also take one (1) dose of Manna Gold SachetTeenagers that have reached puberty with serious conditions require a full seven (7) dose cycle of Manna Gold Sachet every six (6) months.


After anyone undergoes a blood transfusion or experiences unmanageable stress, they should repeat the (7) dose cycle as a booster to ensure their immune system is replenished.  

                       Keep unused Sachets in a cool dry place.

No reptiles or mammals are involved in the synthesized process. 

This product is not classified as a drug under any laws prevailing globally.
It is a synthesized process that contains a unique anti-microbial peptide configuration to be used as an alternative to antibiotics or drugs.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: It is also recommended to take Manna Gold Sachet before surgery to accelerate and assist an infection free healing. 

If you took Manna Gold Sachet today as instructed, within a few days, you would not only feel like a different person, you would be a different person.  Our immune systems are the only weapon human beings have to fight off viral and bacterial infections.  Manna Gold Sachet gives your body the boost it needs to live a happy, healthy life.

Don’t let the common cold, flu or a more serious condition take control of you. There’s something you can do to help yourself; make a Manna Gold Sachet and have the ability to get up in the morning and enjoy life to its full capacity. Manna Gold Sachet will change your life forever. Do not let it pass you by.

Manna Gold Sachet taken orally as a single dosage, takes 48 hours to become most effective. The synthesized Amino Acid Peptide configuration initially on being applied to the lint, is something on the order of some 10 million particles of anti-microbial peptide content. Within 48 hours the properties of the solution are enhanced and multiply to approximately 500 to 600 million particles by synthesized catalytic reaction. 

Manna Sachet does not require a prescription or medical consultation before being taken, as it is a natural alternative to Antibiotics or drugs.