21 Manna Sachet + Free Lily Plasma Arc Water + Air Purifier

$ 829.50 USD

Sterilizing water, killing bacteria, microbes neutralizing pesticides.

Many people are concerned about these changing times and considering going off grid or into the mountains to live. OR Just concerned about survival in hard times. 

If you are one of them, consider stocking up on Manna Gold Sachet.. It keeps for 7+ years and gives one a great way to overcome many microbes, pathogens and bacteria not previously experienced in a city environment.   

With every order of 21 Manna we will provide a free $200.00 value Plasma Water Purification system, and plans for many uses, FREE.  


Lily Plasma Water, Air, Purification System.

1) Sterilizing water, killing bacteria, microbes as well as neutralizing pesticides.

2) Puts ozone into the water to keep it fresher longer, for storage. 

    Can add nitrogen into the water making fertilizer a natural fertilizer for plants. (Plans Provided)

3) Puts ozone into the air to sanitize air and remove odors.

4) Makes water wetter, making it able, to uptake minerals for plants and animals. 


5) Helps Kidney function, depending upon the electrodes used

    (Follow specific instructions)

6) Draws .8 amps of power from 120V plug = 102 watts of power. 

7) Being portable, it can be used while travelling.

8) Can be used in a car, camper or motorhome, with additional small inverter not included.

9) It can be carried in a backpack and used with a solar charger, and small 12 V Battery, and 150 watt inverter. (Not included)

10) Keeping the best for last for the survival enthusiasts. This unit can be used, to start a campfire, using wet wood, in a very short time. (30- 60 seconds) Dry kindling in 3 seconds. Paper, almost instantly. It actually dries the wood and starts it on fire.

This unit is not a toy. It is a powerful 10,000 volt Plasma arc system. Operating instructions and plans for various uses will be provided. 

We will ship this unit separately, to the address provided through Paypal.  It will be tracked, for delivery purposes. Easy Inexpensive plans for 3 Systems, with instructions will be sent by email. 

Everyone is responsible for the safe use of this device. The information we provide is for educational purposes only. Everyone buying, or receiving this device free, agrees to do their own research, and determine how to use this device properly, effectively and safely. (Not to be used by children

Video ~ Lily Plasma Arc System 1 ~  https://www.dropbox.com/s/sbw5bg9p661brs2/Lily%20Plasma%20Arc%20System1.mp4?dl=0

Lily Plasma Arc Systems

$ 200.00 USD

Water Air Purifier, & Wet wood Fire starter. Three Easy Inexpensive, Assembly System Plans sent by Email.